2-Pack Hanging/Landscape Solar Ball Lights

2-Pack Hanging/Landscape Solar Ball Lights
Item# SWC-30195-6-215W-600
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Product Description

Our Hanging/Landscape Solar Ball Lights each come with a stake, which can be used for lighting of your garden or backyard. The Solar Ball lights also float on water making them great for pools, fountains and ponds. When fully charged the L.E.D. stays lit all night!!!

- Super Bright Glow

- No Wire Ever Need it

- Includes a set of 2 Solar Ball

- Includes Garden Stakes

- Hanging tree baskets

- Excellent Ways to Save Money & Energy

- Accent & Safety Lighting for Garden / Outdoor / Patios / House Yard/Pond

- Lifetime of LED Lamp is over 100,000 Hours & never need to Change it

- 2 Pre-Installed Rechargeable AA, 1.2V/500mA Ni-Cad Batteries for Longer Charger Time

- Manual On/Off Switch to Deactivate Sensor (Automatic Sensor that Activates When it's Dark

Approx: 5" x5" x20."