68 Watt Solar Laminate Flexible Solar Roof Panels

68 Watt Solar Laminate Flexible Solar Roof Panels
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68 Watt Solar Laminate Flexible Solar Roof Panels

High Temperature and Low Light Performance Quick-Connect Terminals and Adhesive Backing Bypass Diodes for Shadow Tolerance Performance Characteristics Rated Power (Pmax): 68 Wp Production Pmax Tolerance: 5 % Construction Characteristics Dimensions: Length: 2849 mm (112.1), Width: 394 mm (15.5), Depth: 4 mm (0.2), 16 mm (0.6) including potted terminal housing assembly Weight: 3.9 kg (8.7 lbs) Output Cables: 4 mm2 (12 AWG) cable with weatherproof DC-rated quick-connect terminals 560 mm (22) length Bypass Diodes: Connected across every solar cell Encapsulation: Durable ETFE high light-transmissive polymer Adhesive: Ethylene propylene copolymer adhesive sealant with microbial inhibitor Cell Type: 11 triple junction amorphous silicon solar cells 356 mm x 239 mm (14 x 9.4) connected in series Laminate Standard Configuration Photovoltaic laminate with potted terminal housing assembly with output cables and quick-connect terminals on top. Application Criteria* Installation temperature between 10 C - 40 C (50 F - 100 F) Maximum roof temperature 85 C (185 F) Minimum slope: 3 (1/2:12) Maximum slope 60 (21:12) Approved substrates include certain membrane and metal roofing products.

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