7in Dark Grey Solar Power Rock 3 LED Spotlight

7in Dark Grey Solar Power Rock 3 LED Spotlight
Item# SWC-SW5010-180W-45

Product Description

Provide illuminating light where ever you need it with our Dark Grey Solar Power Rock Spotlight. The installation is fast and easy no wiring required. Acquire a light that is completely self sufficient, as itís able to power its self thereby saving money and energy.

Approx: 8"L x 5"Wx 4"H Features: - Color: Sandstone Grey - Super Bright Glow - No Wire Ever Need it - 3 Super Bright White L.E.Ds in Each Rock - Excellent Ways to Save Money & Energy - Accent & Safety Lighting For Garden / Outdoor / Patios / House Yard - Lifetime of LED Lamp is Over 100,000 Hours & Never Need to Change it - Pre-Installed Rechargeable 2AA x 1.2V/500mA Ni-Cad Batteries For Longer Charger Time - Manual On/Off Switch (for testing and storage purposes) must BE ON AND CHARGED IN THE SUN 8 HOURS FOR INITIAL USE - Photocell sensor turns on at dusk, off at dawn - Gross weight: 2.1lbs