8 Watt Solar Water Pump, Battery Control Box, Timer, LED lights

8 Watt Solar Water Pump, Battery Control Box, Timer, LED lights
Item# SWC-SWAP8CO-14W74

Product Description


This solar powered pump kit is designed for outdoor decoration, fountain, ponds. With the battery back up , it will run a couple of additional hours when the night falls. The water sprays is illuminated with 6 led light. Water rate will be adjustable through a variable speed valve. Powered from the sun, this kit is not only enery-saving but also safe to the enviroment and the children (as with the very low operative voltage)

Feature :

Solar panels : 8W (with 6' cable to the control unit)

Dimension : Approx 14" x 11.5"(8W-18V)

Submersible 6 led light with approx 16' (5m) cable for desired location (DC-12V)

Timer with Solar powered (Day mode), Battery power (Night mode), Water flow dial adjuster ( 6V-4AH Lead acid battery back up built-in)

* Solar powered (day mode) : Pump runs by electricity converted straight from sunlight through its panel cells, extra power will store in the battery. Pump performance depends on the intensity of the sunlight

* Battery powered (Night mode) : Pump is operated straight from the battery (max 2 hours) Charging & low battery indicator (Overcharging protection feature)

Pump : 12-18V DC brushless pump (for longer life span) with approx 16' (5m) cable. Pump water flow rate manual valve built-in (located in the center of the front pump)

Dimension : Approx 6"L x 3.5"W x 4"H

Water fountain jet high : Max. 4'6 (1.4m)

Water flow rate : Max 211 gallons per hour (800 L/H). Designed for fresh & salt water usage (never exceed 122 degrees Fahrenheit)

Package: 1 panel, 1 pump, 1 timer with built-in battery, 1 led light

Accessories :1 set panel stakes, 2 spray heads with extension tubes

Gross weight : 13.5 lbs

Upc : 875518002897

Box : 11.6" x 5.5" x 15"