Atlantic Solars™ Solar Fence Post Cap Square White with Vertical-lined Clear Lens

Atlantic Solars™ Solar Fence Post Cap Square White with Vertical-lined Clear Lens
Item# SWC-ASPC68W-WH-2W82
$41.15, 2/$58.08, 3/$77.83, 4/$96.58, 5/$118.25, 6/$136.55, 7/$157.34, 8/$177.24, 9/$198.25, 15/$321.00, 20/$429.00, 24/$514.00

Product Description



1 set(2 lights) - $41.15

2 sets(4 lights) - $58.08

3 sets(6 lights) - $77.83

4 sets(8 lights) - $96.85

5 sets(10 lights) - $118.25

These first-class premium Atlantic Solars™ lights. During the day, the solar lights' panels harness the power of the sunlight to charge the internal Lithium Ion battery. At night, they automatically turn on, emitting a bright light for your fence post line. These Atlantic Solars™ lights are made of Premium Quality Heat-Resistant plastic for years of use. With our Newest & Improved solar panels, an exceptional 3.2V Lithium Ion Battery, and 5 Ultra Bright LEDs, their efficiency and output are virtually unparalleled. The enhanced solar panels will ensure a superior charging performance, allowed for maximal illumination duration (up to 10 hours). The 5 LEDs and 3.2V Ion Battery will multiply the lights brightness by 5x and 2.66x, respectively, for a total of 13.3x! The average mediocre light only has one single LED and an inferior 1.2V battery. The new & improved Atlantic Solars™ lights are undoubtedly of exceptional quality; they are ones of the brightest solar lights available on the market.

Two premium Atlantic Solars™ 4in x 4in solar White fence post caps

Energy efficient and low maintenance

One pre-installed exceptional 3.2V 300mAh Lithium-Ion battery per unit, can last up to 2 years

Light source: 5 ultra bright White LEDs, can last up to 100,000 hours

Solar panel: new and improved for superior charging

Primary outer material: Premium High-Quality Heat Resistant Plastic

Operating Time: Up to 10 hours

Safe and water resistant with CE certified light bulbs

Overall dimensions : 5.4in (L) X 5.4in (W) X 3.5in (H)

Base inside diameter : 3.75in x 3.75in (Wood Model) or 4in x 4in (PVC Model)

Fits On All 4in x 4in PVC/Composite/Vinyl or Wood posts with its versatile accessories