Boy Pond Spitter Solar Pump Kit 5Watt Solar Panel

Boy Pond Spitter Solar Pump Kit 5Watt Solar Panel
Item# SWC-SW604-12W-52

Product Description

Our Boy Spitter Solar Pump is a well made high quality product that functions off of solar energy, so it not only an impressive feature but also saves money and energy. This product is water and corrosion resistant so maintenance is virtually nonexistent and no hassle with batteries or wiring installation.

Outdoor poly resin Boy Pond Spitters adds sparkle and sound to ponds and water gardens.

Exquisitely detailed with stone-like finishes, these pond spitters are outdoor safe, sun and weather resistant.

Pond spitters supply important aeration which enhances fish and plant life.

These playful pond spitters are an additional delight to water gardening.

Boy Pond Spitter Solar Pump kit with 5 Watt solar panel

* It can be set up easily wherever desired without the need for batteries or wiring installation.

* 5 Watts Mono-Crystalline Silicon Solar Panel

* 15V DC Pump Operation Voltage

* Water lift : 1.4 meters

* Solar Panel Dimension: 27cm x 23.5cm

* Water flow Capacity: 500 LPH

* Cable Length: 5 meter or approximate 16 feet

* Brand New in Retail Packaging

* Package includes :

* 1x 27cm x 23.5cm Solar Panel.

* 1x Boy Pond Spitter Statue

* 1x 15V submersible pump with 5 meters lead.

* Accessories includes: 2 fountain heads and 4 inter-connectable tubes, 1x solar panel support spikes.

** This unit is intended for running during day time only, and is without LED, without Battery.

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