Dragonflies With 5 Blinking LEDs Garden Solar Light

Dragonflies With 5 Blinking LEDs Garden Solar Light
Item# GSL-E2023

Product Description

Our Solar Powered Dragonflies will bring the feeling of liveliness and the joy of summer to your garden, yard or patio. This product is solar powered and will light up at night providing a decorative light, with no cost of conventional energy. These dragonflies are Solar Powered and will function for 8hours after dark depending on weather conditions and amount of direct sunlight.

Solar powered

No Wiring

Powered by the sun

Fast and easy to install

Energy saving

Recharged by solar panels under sunlight

Light turns on automatically when dark

Super bright LED for brighter light output

Rechargeable Ni-Cd AA battery (included)

Safe water resistant

CE certified

LED bulb never burns out

Up to 8 hours of light when dark

Corrosion resistant

LEDs can last up to 100,000 hours

Batteries are rechargeable and should last for approximately 2 years before replacing

Ideal for areas where conventional electrial supply is not available

Product size 5"(W) on Stone, Dragonflies 3" (W). Approx. 12"~20" on LED strings

UPC 875518000862