2-pk Atlantic Solars™ Outdoor Plastic Black Wall Mounted Landscape Solar ligh

2-pk Atlantic Solars™ Outdoor Plastic Black Wall Mounted Landscape Solar ligh
$46.32, 2/$62.52, 3/$81.84, 4/$101.68, 5/$121.29
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Product Description

Those lights sells in sets of 2.

1 set = 2 lights ($46.32)

2 sets = 4 lights ($62.52)

3 sets = 6 lights ($81.84)

4 sets = 8 lights ($101.68)

5 sets = 10 lights ($121.29)

These energy efficient and low maintenance First-Class premium Atlantic Solars™ lights are brand new in their original retail packaging. During the day, the solar lights' panels harness the power of the sunlight to charge the internal Lithium Ion battery. At night they automatically turn on, emitting a bright light for your garden, driveway, flowerbeds, or patios.

Each Atlantic Solars™ light is made of Premium Quality Heat-Resistant Anti-Heat Plastic for years of use. With our Newest & Improved Solar Panels, an exceptional 3.2V Lithium Ion Battery, and 5 Ultra Bright LEDs, their efficiency and output are virtually unparalleled. The enhanced solar panels will ensure a superior charging performance, allowing for maximal illumination duration (up to 10 hours). The 5 LEDs and 3.2V Ion Battery will multiply the lights' brightness by 5x and 2.66x, respectively, for a total of 13.3x! The average mediocre light only has one single LED and an inferior 1.2V battery. The new & improved Atlantic Solars™ lights are undoubtedly of exceptional quality; they are one of the brightest solar lights available on the market.

Two Premium Atlantic Solars™ with Wall Mount Only or Wall Mount/Stake Lights One Pre-Installed Exceptional 3.2V 600mAh Lithium Battery Per Unit, Can Last Up To 2 Years LED: 5 Ultra Bright White LEDs, Can Last Up To 100,000 Hours Solar panel: New & Improved For Superior Charging Primary Outer Material: Premium High-Quality Heat Resistant Plastic Operating Time: Up to 10 hours Safe & Water Resistant Diameter: 7.5" Height w/ Wall Mount : 12" Height w/ Stake: 25" Note: Due to camera settings, picture may slightly differ from actual product.