Solar Floating Pond Oxygenator Oxgen Air Pump

Solar Floating Pond Oxygenator Oxgen Air Pump
Item# GSL-APP008B

Product Description


Ensure your pond fish are happy and healthy, even in sunnier weather when oxygen levels are lower, with this solar powered air pump. Using up-to-the-minute solar technology, this solar floating oxygenator includes one air stone and is an effective and environmentally friendly way of ensuring that your pond is oxygenated throughout the summer months. Solar Floating Pond Oxygenator Oxgen Air Pump Benefits: Happy and healthy pond fish and plants Solar power is safe, environmentally friendly and free to run! Easy to install, clean and maintain For use with small to medium sized garden ponds Easy to apply. Just connect the air hose and ready to float! Package Includes: Solar panel Air pump (Under Solar Panel) Hose Air stone Can only work during day time when the Sun charges through solar panel Instructions Specifications Operating voltage: 6V DC Air volume: 100 LPH Item Diameter: 10-1/2" Hose length: 0.5m Solar-powered pond Oxygenator system harnesses the power of the sun to oxygenate your pond. Discrete solar panel powers a small, underneth with the 6 volt air pump to drive air through a single, submerged air stone. Ingenious automatic system turns on during daylight hours to eliminate operating costs and maintenance hassles. Great for small preformed ponds with fish, above ground water gardens, and more. Added air aids beneficial bacteria to help keep pond clean. Also circulates a fresh oxygen supply to your fish and plants. Includes airline tubing and mounting hardware. For ponds under 1,500 gallons.