Solar Outdoor Rock Accent Garden Spot Light 3 Bright LEDS

Solar Outdoor Rock Accent Garden Spot Light 3 Bright LEDS
Item# GSL-K5017

Product Description

Provide illuminating light where ever you need it with our Solar Rock Accent Garden Spot Light. The installation is fast and easy no wiring required. Acquire a light that is completely self sufficient, as itís able to power its self thereby saving money and energy.

Product Description

Solar Lights: -Rechargeable AA

Batteries: -Pre-installed rechargeable AA, 1.2V/500mA Ni-Cad batteries

LED Light: - At night, the light turns on automatically by stored energy.

-Lifetime of LED lamp is over 100,000 hours.

Solar Panel : - The solar panel consists of single crystal silicon solar cells wired in series with a built in blocking diode.

- The blocking diode is to prevent the reverse flow of electricity to the solar panel (from the rechargeable battery or appliance) when the solar contribution is insufficient.

On/Off Switch ( for storage and testing purposes- IT MUST BE IN ON POSTION AND CHARGED AT LEAST 8 HRS FOR INITIAL USE )

-On: Turn light on at dusk and off in daytime automatically.

-Off: Turn light off for shipment/storage or change the battery.

- Products size 6"L X4 "WX 4.5"H

- Gross weight: 2lbs