Solar Wind Chime Color Changing Light

Solar Wind Chime Color Changing Light
Item# wc-butterfly

Product Description

Solar Wind Chime Color Changing Light, consists of beautiful color changing butterflies that perform all the regular functions of a normal wind chime but also light up at night providing a decorative color changing light. As this Wind Chime is solar powered, it is able to function around 8hours depending on weather conditions and amount of direct sunlight.

- The lifetime of LED lamp is over 100,000 hrs. You never need to change it.

- Wonderful for decorating for your yard, patio...etc

- Ideal for areas where conventional electrical supply is not available

- Color Changes Automatically (Cannot be set to single color)

- CE certified

- Fast and easy to install

- This Wind Chimes Solar Color Changing light is a green and environment-friendly product.


- From top to bottom of chime: About 18"

- Wire Length: 61" (5 ft)

- Upper item size about 3"

- Lower item size about 2.5"

- Solar Panel Diameter 4"